How To Trim Cedar Hedges

tall cedar hedges after being trimmed by a professional hedge trimming companyIf you have a cedar hedge trimming is a very important part of regular maintenance not only to keep your hedge looking its best but to maintain the health of it as well. However some cedar hedges can grow to be very tall, and when a cedar hedge has overgrown it can become monstrous in size and, in some cases, impossible to restore it to it’s former glory.

Cedar hedges can be troublesome to maintain, this is due to the fact that old wood will not generate new growth. So care must be taken when trimming to not create holes within the hedge. We highly recommend obtaining the services of a professional Toronto hedge trimming company, rather than attempting to DIY this type of project.

How To Trim A Tall Cedar Hedge

Attempting to trim a tall cedar hedge requires specific equipment, such as a ladder and/or a special long reach hedge trimming tool. Most professional landscapers have all this equipment and more. A long reach hedge trimmer can save a huge amount of time when working on tall hedges or simply very wide hedges.

Some makes of long reach hedge trimmers also have hands which can swivel allowing the operator to trim the top of the hedge while standing on the ground. These tools can be costly and very dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced operator. That said; they are one of the best ways to trim very tall hedges in combination with an appropriately sized ladder.

When trimming a tall cedar hedge is important to note that you cannot change the overall height of the hedge drastically, for example a 20 foot cedar hedge cannot be cut down to 8 feet. In this circumstance the hedge would essentially be ruined. If you’re dealing with massively overgrown and tall cedar hedging one of the best things to do is simply replant.

How To Trim Overgrown Cedar Hedging

When cedar hedges have overgrown there is not a lot that can be done to restore them to their former glory. It is not a simple process of trimming a very tall hedge back down to a shortage. If left for it an extensive amount of time cedar hedges essentially becomes a group of cedar trees, the only way to restore the hedge is to remove the entire lot of trees and replant a proper hedge.

However, in some cases if the cedar hedge has not become completely overgrown a skilled hedge trimming specialist may be able to restore the hedge. If not completely, at least in some part that is pleasing to the eye.

If you’re faced with a question of how to deal with overgrown cedar hedging, or perhaps trying to figure out how to trim a tall cedar hedge, feel free to contact us for more information.