What Hedge Trimming Tools Do You Need?

Homeowners can opt to do some basic yard maintenance by themselves if they have the right tools. But if you’re not one for DIY you might want to hire professional hedge trimming company, but if you’ve got a DIY streak read on. Keeping your bushes and hedges tidy is an important part of maintaining the curb appeal of your home and making sure that your shrubs and hedges are healthy.

Regular pruning will remove dead branches and leaves as well as help shape and mold the hedges to fit into the space that you have and make them look more attractive. Having the right hedge trimming tools will make it possible for you to keep your hedges healthy and looking good without spending too much of your off time doing yard maintenance. Your local big box store will have a huge selection of hedge trimming tools, but here’s a quick rundown on what you should pay attention to:

hand operated hedge clippers

Hedge Clippers

You can choose from both electric and manual hedge clippers, or your might want to keep a pair of both types in your garage. The manual hedge clippers, sometimes called hedge shears, are similar in shape to a large pair of scissors. These are perfect for doing minor trimming or for shaping your hedges and bushes.

Don’t try to use these for large pruning or cutting through thick branches though or you could hurt yourself and break the clippers. If you have a particularly thick hedge that needs to be cut you will need a more heavy-duty tool that can cut through those thick branches.

Electric Hedge Trimmer

An electric hedge trimmer is a great tool to have because it will give you the extra power that you need to handle those thick hedges and bushes without having to struggle. Electric hedge trimmers are relatively easy to use and they can be used on hedges and bushes of all kinds.

When you buy an electric hedge trimmer make sure that you buy a high quality one. These tools are extremely sharp and can be dangerous if they aren’t high quality. Buy the best electric hedge trimmer that you can afford when you are shopping for tools to keep in your garage.

stihl electric clippers getting ready to trim hedge

Tall Hedge Trimming Tools

If you have established hedges and bushes that have been growing for many years and are very tall then you will need to invest in some tall hedge trimming tools. These tools are designed specifically for maintaining old growth tall hedges and keeping them healthy and in good shape. With high quality tall hedge trimmers, you can stay safely on the ground instead of having to climb a ladder to keep the tops of these hedges trimmed and shaped.

Tall hedges can take years to grow in and create a blooming natural barrier around your yard or to separate your house from the street. In order to make sure that you are able to keep them trimmed without risking the hedges you should always use tall hedge trimming tools.

Staying Safe When Using Hedge Trimming Tools

Safety should always be the highest priority when you are working with hedge and bush trimming tools. It doesn’t matter if they are manual or electric the safety protocols that you follow should be the same. Always wear protective goggles which can shield your eyes from twigs and branches that fly off the hedges as well as from the blade.

Hedge trimmers have very long and very sharp blades so you should always make sure that those blades are safely covered when you are not using them. Use cut proof gloves to handle the trimmers and always check electric trimmers carefully for frayed wires or other signs of damage before you turn them on. If you are afraid that you can’t safely use hedge trimmers call a professional landscaper who has professional grade equipment and the experience to get your hedges looking great.