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Experience high-quality tree services from iTrim4U, our team provides full pruning and removal services across the GTA region.

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This means, when you hire an iTrim4U approved tree contractor you’re getting the best of the best. Services include residential, commercial, and handling tree related insurance claims.

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You only get the highest quality tree surgeons when you work with iTrim4U:

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Why Does iTrim4U Provide Toronto Tree Services?

Over the years, many customers have asked for help regarding tree related issues, which is why we have added Toronto tree services. In many cases, trees must be pruned and maintained by professionals dedicated to this task, as this can easily become a dangerous and costly job.

Since we feel it is our duty to provide our customers with exceptional services, we set out to discover the best of the best when it comes to professional arborists in Toronto and in the nearby Durham region.

Do you handle insurance issues related to tree damage?

It is an unfortunate circumstance that trees can often cause a great deal of damage, as a result of high wind speed simply blowing trees over. The resulting damage can crush cars, damage homes, and destroy businesses.

Whether it’s an office, home, golf course, or cemetery we deal directly with insurance companies and send out our tree contractors to deal with the insurance claims on our behalf.

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Full Tree Service

Tree Removal

There comes a time when trees need to be removed, this may be due to a dying tree, or a tree that’s become a potential hazard to nearby people or property, other times trees have simply grown in a location that is undesirable and must be removed.

Having a professional arborist come to remove your tree is always the best choice. This work is often quite dangerous and should always be handled very carefully. Not only for personal safety reasons, but also to ensure that the tree is removed in such a way to avoid damaging property such as nearby cars, houses, garages, electrical power lines, and more.

Tree Pruning

Trees need long term care and planning for them to grow properly. Strategic tree cutting and pruning is an essential regular maintenance task that has many great benefits:

  • Pruning helps to maintain a fabulous looking tree
  • Tree trimming regulates and promotes healthy long-term tree growth
  • Eliminates potentially hazardous growth which would otherwise lead to costly damages
  • Reduce potential for damage caused by a tree as a result of high winds and intense rainstorms

Stump Removal

When a tree has been removed there is always a stump left behind, these stumps can cause landscaping problems and best be unsightly. Additionally, stumps can also become a source of troublesome shoots that form each year. The remaining stump will also eventually become home to pests, and even disease as it decays in the ground, these problems can easily spread to surrounding plant life.

Removing a tree stump requires the use of special heavy-duty equipment that will grind away all remnants of the stump below the ground. Hiring a professional for this work is always advisable as this machinery can be incredibly dangerous if not operated with care and professional training.

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