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We will make your home look fabulous with our Brooklin Christmas light installation services. We perform full service light installation – roofline lights, landscape lights, tree lighting, and more. You and your family will love the look of your home with our service.

Our friendly and skilled team provides both residential and commercial holiday lighting installation in the Brooklin area.

We will create a custom look for your home, or if you have an idea of your own we will make your property look just as you wish.

Our services utilize high-quality lighting and accessories, you can rest-assured your lighting installation will work flawlessly all season long.

 Complete Christmas & Holiday Lighting Services

We provide full Christmas & holiday lighting services in Brooklin; from consultation, installation, purchasing all lighting & accessories, maintenance if necessary, and end of season removal and storage.

5-Star All Inclusive Complete Service Package

Reap all the rewards of a beautiful holiday lighting installation with none of the stress, hassle, and time commitments. We’ll handle the entire project including priority scheduling in our 5-Star All Inclusive program.

Christmas Light Design

We’ll discuss with you the look you’re after and associated details, alternatively if you would like us to handle entire lighting design ourselves, we will come up with a fabulous solution.

Storage & Removal Services

Post-season clean up can be one of the most tedious tasks. We’ll handle the entire process for you, including storing lighting in your Brooklin home, or we can include storage service for you.

Expert Lighting Installation

Our team will expertly install your lights, resulting in a clean professional look. Our services include both exterior and interior lighting installation, so we will make your whole property look great.

Lighting Maintenance

Even though we use high-quality lighting and lighting accessories, if a problem ever does occur we will return to replace and repair the issue ensuring your property looks great all season.

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5-Star All-Inclusive Program

For property owners that want a fabulous holiday charm without the associated stress, hassle, and time sink that is often required to achieve such a look we provide a 5-Star All-Inclusive holiday lighting installation program.

We will handle all aspects of your Brookling Christmas lighting installation:

  • Lighting design consultation
  • Purchase the required lights and lighting accessories to complete your properties look (you retain full ownership of these purchases)
  • Priority scheduling for both installation and post-season removal
  • Professional lighting installation
  • During-season maintenance if required
  • Post season lighting removal and storage

From A to Z, we handle the entire process and provide priority scheduling for install and removal. Have a question? Contact us for details.

Holiday lights visible on the exterior front of a Brooklin, ON home

Three Excellent Reasons for Professional Brooklin Christmas Light Installation

holiday lighting visible on the exterior of a brooklin homeInstalling holiday lighting can be quite a chore, and it is why many people now opt to hire professionals for this job. The truth is that, while seemingly enjoyable in theory, installing Christmas lights is quite a taks. A person needs research lighting, installation methods, safety, electrical accessories, and more. And, must also purchase these items, which can be easier said than done for many who live the busy bustling lives of modern day humans.

Here are three excellent reason why you should hire us to handle your holiday lighting installation this season:

Save Your Time

While many people may want to save money, they sometimes neglect the time they spend to do so. Hiring a professional is, in nearly all areas, going to be a time saving process when compared with attempting to handle the work on your own.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy

Each year, there are over 9,000 reported ladder accidents in Ontario alone. Working on ladders can be very dangerous; amongst those 9,000 injuries are traumatic brain injuries, fractured and broken limbs, and a plethora of lives changed forever. Depending on the services of a professional will keep you out of harm’s way this holiday season.

Get a Professional Look

Just about anybody can hang a few lights and call the job done. It takes a true professional to achieve an immaculate, stunning Brooklin Christmas lighting installation. We will provide a sharp, professional look that will impress you, your neighbours, and your family.

The reasons for hiring a professional Brooklin holiday lighting company are simple yet concise – stay safe, save time, get a great looking home. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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