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If you want to transform your home into a magical Christmas wonderland but don’t have the time to spend putting up Christmas lights and decorations our talented and experienced staff can handle all of your Christmas decorating for you. We can use the lights and decorations that you already have or purchase new ones for you.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and creating a stunning holiday display is part of the magic of Christmas. If you want your home to be the most festive one in the neighborhood or if you want your home to look fantastic when friends and family members arrive for holiday parties and dinners we can do that for you so that you can spend your time on what really matters – enjoying time with your family.

Our team can put up a few strings of lights for you or create a giant light display. There is no holiday decorating job that is too small or too big for our staff. Full service packages include:

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5-Star All-Inclusive Program

Our 5-star all-inclusive program provides the benefit of hassle-free holiday lighting services. Covering consultation, purchasing of lights and accessories, installation, on-going maintenance, post-season removal & storage, and includes priority scheduling.

This program is available for commercial & residential customers. If you have a problem with your Durham Christmas lighting setup simply call us and we’ll be out to fix it as soon as possible. For more information, please contact us your earliest convenience time.

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christmas light installation by itrim4uOur team can put up a few strings of lights for you or create a giant light display. There is no holiday decorating job that is too small or too big for our staff. Full service packages include:

Unpacking Lights and Decorations

If you would like us to  use your existing lights and decorations there’s no need to waste time unpacking all those ornaments, lights and decorations. We’ll do it for you. It doesn’t matter if your lights from last year are tangled or jumbled up in bins. We will unpack, organize, and test your lights to make sure there are no missing bulbs and to make sure all the lights work. If there are bulbs that won’t light we can replace them and if the lights are not working we will get new ones for you. You won’t have to spend time trying to untangle all of your old lights.

If you’re ready for new lights and new decorations we will purchase them, unbox them, test them and make sure that they are ready to be installed on your home, in  your yard, and wherever you want them.

Installing Decorations and Lights

No more climbing up on the roof to string lights! We’ve got it covered. Our team members have years of experience creating light displays and they know how to safely install lights on the roof, along the walls, on the garage, and even on the tall trees in your yard. We make sure that all our techs have construction grade ladders and proper safety equipment to make it safe and easy to install lights anywhere in your yard and on your home. Once you have chosen a design for your outdoor Christmas light display our experienced techs will get to work just like Santa’s elves and turn your home into a gorgeous winter wonderland of lights and decorations.

Maintaining Lights And Decorations

Our full service lighting and design package also includes maintaining your light display and decorations. Our techs will come be on a regular schedule to make sure that all of your lights are twinkling and shining the way that they should. They will replace bulbs that are burned out and replace entire strings of lights if necessary. So you won’t have to worry if the bad weather knocks some lights loose or damages bulbs or if bulbs just burn out. We’ll take care of it and make sure that your home always looks great. If you notice burned out bulbs, or strings of lights that won’t light, or other problems with your decorations between visits from our technicians all you have to do is call and we will send someone send out right away to fix the problem. Your Christmas lights will look great throughout the entire Christmas season and you won’t have to bother maintaining them.

Taking Down Lights and Decorations

When Christmas is over and it’s time to take down all those lights and decorations we’ll do that too. You can pick a date when you want the decorations to come down and we’ll schedule an appointment with you for that day to take down everything. Our talented team can have your lights and decorations taken down quickly and without damaging your home, garage, or your trees. Even if the weather isn’t perfect our technicians will get the job done.

Packing And Storing Lights and Decorations

After all those lights and decorations are taken down our team members will safely and securely pack them all back up for next Christmas. The lights will be organized and packed in an orderly way so that they will be ready to use again next Christmas without having to spend a lot of time untangling them. Decorations will be safely packed away in boxes or in storage bins. We can load the bins in your home or garage, or we can store them for you if you don’t have the space.

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