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Homeowners in Durham need to clean out their eavestroughs regularly in order to protect their home and save themselves from potentially expensive home problems. But cleaning eavestroughs is dirty, dangerous and time-consuming work for homeowners that don’t have the training and experience that professionals have.  If you haven’t cleaned out your eavestroughs in a long time, or if you don’t really want to do it, here are just a few of the reasons why those eavestroughs need to be cleaned according to home experts:

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Protect The Eavestroughs

Replacing your entire eavestrough system can be a very expensive home investment. If you clean out the eavestroughs regularly or have a professional clean them, you can extend the life of your current guttering so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money replacing the whole system. If you have sectional eavestroughs you should have a professional technician check the joints and welds that are holding the sections together at least once a year to make sure they are still strong. If those joints loosen up then leaves, debris and water can clog in the sections of your eavestroughs and cause leaks, cracks, or cause that section to fail entirely. It’s always a good idea to have a professional come and clean out your eavestroughs and check them for damage after the winter storm and rain season.

Protect Your Home

There are a lot of sections of your eavestrough system where small cracks and leaks could be hiding. Unless you regularly get up on a very tall ladder to check your eavestroughs you could have small leaks that are letting moisture into the walls of your home, destroying your siding, or leaking into your basement. Getting the eavestroughs cleaned regularly will get rid of the standing water, leaves and other materials that can build up in the eavestroughs and eventually cause leaks. And when you hire a professional technician to clean out those eavestroughs the tech will also be examining your entire guttering system for small cracks or leaks so that you can have those repaired before they become big problems that cause major damage in your home.

Prevent Foundation Problems

If the eavestroughs that push the water away from the basement and foundation of your home are damaged, clogged, or are backing up and you don’t notice it you could end up with a pretty big foundation problem. That water gets down into the foundation of the home and can freeze and then expand, causing lots of hairline cracks. Over time leaking water from clogged eavestroughs can cause major damage to your home’s foundation which can be very expensive and time consuming to fix. But if it isn’t fixed it could damage the structural integrity of the home. Getting your eavestroughs regularly cleaned by a professional cleaner is the best way to prevent future foundation problems due to water backups and clogs in your gutters.

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We Only Hire The Best

Call us today to get an estimate for eavestrough cleaning in Durham or the surrounding areas. Estimates are always free and our price won’t change after we give you an estimate. We hire only the best technicians who have years of experience and the best training so that they can handle any eavestrough problem from big to small. We also provide our staff members with only the best and most innovative equipment so that they can safely clean out and unclog eavestroughs on any house or building.

Instead of wasting your precious time and risking your safety to get up on a consumer grade ladder and try to clean those eavestroughs yourself call us. Our technicians have the best construction grade equipment and they are trained to clean out eavestroughs even at great heights. They will get the job done quickly and they will get it done right the first time. You will get the clean eavestroughs you need to make sure that your home is protected and won’t incur any water damage from leaking or clogged eavestroughs.

DIY Danger

It’s safest for homeowners who don’t have a lot of experience with eavestroughs cleaning to let the professionals hand it. Thousands of people end up going to the emergency room every year after they attempt to climb a ladder and clean out their gutters and it doesn’t work out the way they planned. Don’t take risks with your safety. Call us and let our staff members who know how to safely clean out eavestroughs handle cleaning out your gutters for you.

If you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to get up on a ladder, or if you have trouble with home repair work because of age or illness, or if you just don’t want to clean your eavestroughs by yourself you can call us to make sure that you get quality home repairs at a fair price.

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