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It’s amazing just how much a beautiful set of hedges can improve the look of a home in the Courtice Township. They look great and provide privacy and protection from severe weather conditions. Poor weather is something Ontario has becom very familiar with!

Healthy Hedges Boost Curb Appeal

A healthy, fantastic hedge can help to make a property complete.
Trimming hedges is an important way to keep the maintained and not growing out of hand. Nobody likes the look of an overgrown, messy hedge. Perhaps you’ve been planning on trimming them but just haven’t got the time?

iTrim4U Provides Courtice Hedge Trimming Services

We are a customer driven company devoted to keeping your hedges looking their very best. We serve all customers in the Courtice region. Either we can provide you with a single one-time hedge trimming or we can setup a regular maintenance program. That way your hedges are always looking their best, all year round.

courtice township hedge after it's been pruned and trimmed
worker trimming the top of a shrub using an electric hedge trimmer
picture of residential hedge trimming service by itrim4u

Keep Your Shrubs & Hedges Healthy

It’s beneficial to great hedges all year round, but it’s important to know when to trim your hedges. Our knowledge will ensure your hedges look their best. This is important, the look of your hedge is not our only concern. We want to make sure that your hedge is also at peak health. This is aided by regular trimmings.
This is why many customers sign up with us for regular maintenance programs. If you have questions about our Courtice hedge trimming services give us a call. We offer no-obligation free consultation at 905-259-5138.
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Courtice Township Shrub Trimming

Courtice shrub trimming is one of our specialties; we have been providing shrub maintenance services for quite a while and always ensure that our customer’s shrubs look their best.

If you leave a shrub to grow on itss own, it does not take long for it to become an overgrown and unsightly mess. The only option when dealing with an overgrown shrub is to remove it completely and replant. This means also removing the stump which can be a laborious task depending on the size and location of the stump, often special machinery is needed to complete this task.

If your shrubs are in need of a trimming we can provide you with a one-time shrub cutting service or we can add you to our growing list customers who’ve signed up for our maintenance packages.

For more information and a no-obligation consultation please call us at 905-259-5138

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