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★★★★★ “After losing 2020 to COVID, we brought Chris back this year for the fourth time to manage our 2 year overgrown hedges. Once again his team did a fantastic job. Our hedges surround our back yard and are easily 13+ feet in height, and his team have made them look spectacular… and like usual, they’ve left the back yard spotless. So great to have you and your team back Chris. Will be in touch next year!” – Rob G (Markham, ON)

Hedges serve as natural fences and protect your landscape from the elements. Hedges and shrugs are an impressive and beautiful way to spice up the look of your Markham area home. Of course the only issue is the required regular maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Abandoned Hedges Look Terrible

Failure to trim your hedges will leave them looking terrible. Overgrown hedges are not good for curb appeal. We can help!

It’s understandable that many people seek hedge trimming in Markham. Most people are living very busy lives. When they do have the free time to go out and trim or cut their hedges they are more interested in relaxing. Many people have had hedge trimming on the to-do list for many weeks but never seem to get around to it.

Full Markham Hedge Trimming Service

It’s a good thing you found us – we provide full Markham shrub and hedge trimming services.

iTrim4U provides a complete Markham hedge cutting and trimming solution. We specialize in hedge trimming and will keep your property looking great. We provide full service. Need a single trimming? Want us to do it every year? We will keep your hedge looking fantastic year-round.

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Trimming A Hedge Is Not Just For Looks!

Remember, scheduled trimming of your hedge is very important, not just for looks either. If you fail to trim your hedge regularly it can quickly grow out of hand and end up as a bit of a small, ugly tree. When this happens there is not much that can be done to restore the original beauty of your hedge, we must dig it out and replant new ones. So it’s a good idea to have a hedge trimmer provide their services on the regular – if you find yourself in this position just give us a call!

Contact us for all Markham hedge trimming at 905-259-5138, alternative you can contact us using our Markham hedge cutting estimate form.

Yes – we trim cedar hedges as well!

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Markham Shrub Trimming Solutions

Not only do we provide hedge solutions but we will also trim and cut any shrubs that require our services. Just like hedges, shrubs need regular maintenance to look their best and not be subjected to overgrowing. Remember, if you have shrubs that aren’t being maintained you may just have to have them removed down the road. We can help!

For all Markham hedge trimming needs you can rely on iTrim4u.

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