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If you’re a Richmond Hill homeowner that needs some help keeping your lawn and garden looking great call us today. We have a full team of local garden and lawn care experts who can take your lawn from dismal to gorgeous in no time. If you don’t have the time necessary to keep up with the constant weeding, mowing, and other tasks involved in keeping a lawn looking tidy our team of professional landscapers can do all those tasks for you so that you can have a great looking lawn without putting in a lot of effort.

Our teams can do landscape tasks like:

  • Yard cleanup
  • Tree service, trimming, and removal
  • Landscape staging
  • Hedge & shrub trimming
  • Hedge & shrub removal
  • Garden design
  • Gardening
  • Garden maintenance
  • Planting
  • Mulching
front yard landscaping work by itrim4u
garden with walkway in the backyard of a whitby home
landscape design by itrim4u
backyard landscape garden work by itrim4u
beautiful private park landscape by whitby landscaping contractor

And much more. So if you want to give your current lawn an upgrade with some great new features, new plants or flowers and you need professional help making that happen give us a call. We can suggest flowers and plants that will go well with your existing yard and we can design the type of upgraded space that you want. If you just need help with routine maintenance because you don’t have the time to keep up withyard workk we can do that too.

There is no job too big or too small for our team of landscape pros. And they will always work hard to make sure that you are happy with the service that they provide. Customer service is our highest priority and we won’t rest until you are thrilled with the way that your lawn looks. Call one of our customer service reps today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. Our prices are affordable for almost any budget and very cost effective when you consider the time that you will save by having our team take care of all those yard chores for you.

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Why Hire Professional Richmond Hill Landscapers & Gardeneners?

There are many reasons why homeowners end up hiring professional landscapers. The biggest reason why homeowners prefer hiring landscapers is to save time. For most homeowners free time is a pretty precious thing and something they don’t have a lot of. So hiring a landscaping crew gives them more free time because they don’t need to spend so much time watering, weeding, and doing other yard chores. Hiring landscapers is an affordable way to get your free time back. But there are other reasons why homeowners love hiring landscapers to do the yard work like:

Unique Design

Homeowners that want to do something special with their yards rely on the design advice and the upkeep from professional landscapers. Our design experts can turn your yard into the perfect place to play ball, or a grass tennis court, or a meditation oasis with water fountains, ponds and other elements. No matter what you want to use your yard for our expert designers can create what you want in the yard space that you have. And because our teams of landscape professionals have years of experience they know how to maintain those special spaces once they are built. If you want to take yard or garden to the next level and you need some professional advice on how to do it call us today for a free estimate.

No More Stress About The Lawn

Another reason why homeowners depend on professional landscaping is so that they don’t have to keep track of the many things that have to be done in order to keep the lawn looking great. Especially for homeowners that have large lawns there is a lot of work involved in keeping the lawn looking good. It needs to be watered, fertilized, mowed, trimmed, edges, and monitored regularly. If the grass starts getting patchy or dies altogether there needs to be new sod laid or fertilizer used. It’s a lot to keep track of. Professional landscapers will keep great records of everything that is done for your lawn and they will make regular visits to ensure that your lawn looks great all the time. With a full service lawn care package from lawncare professionals you can just sit back and enjoy your lawn while they do all the heavy lifting to keep it looking great.

Safety For Pets And Kids

If you have pets and kids who love to play outside regular lawn care from a landscape team is the best way to be sure that the lawn and garden are always safe for your kids and pets to play in. When grass gets too tall it can become a hideout for ticks. Regular mowing will keep the grass short so that ticks won’t become a problem. And unkempt grass and bushes can also lead to infestations of mosquitoes, gnats and other bugs. Getting your lawn taken care of weekly by a professional team will give your kids and pets a safe outdoor place to play.

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