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Depending on your specific type of shrub, most will need to be trimmed a few times a year to maintain their attractive look as well as to promote the plants continued health. When it comes to maintaining healthy, attractive shrubs – shrub trimming is a very important part of the process.

Along with maintaining their health, trimming your shrubs also adds to the overall design and appearance of your landscape. There’s nothing worse than an overgrown, unsightly shrub making your property look raggedy. But life is busy; perhaps you’ve been putting off trimming them yourself, and when you find yourself with the time you’d rather spend it with your family or just relaxing.

However, if you neglect your shrubs for too long – say a few seasons – trimming them once is not going to return them to their former glory. Shrubs left to grow wild can quickly outgrow their former selves. When it comes time to trim them they can have bare spots, developed a lean, or even grown too tall. In order to maintain a desirable structure shrubs must be trimmed regularly, at least two times a year is advised.

One of the most critical times for shrub trimming is in the spring time. During this time of the year there is less foliage making the job of trimming a lot easier, plus trimming at this time of year helps to stimulate proper growth ensuring a full, lush shrub throughout the remainder of the year. Once the summer season starts trimming will prepare your shrubs for the autumn season later in the year, it is during the summer months that the majority of trimming will take place as they are the most resilient during this period.

The fact is that shrubs not only look their best when they’re trimmed regularly, but regular trimming also promotes a healthy, hearty plant. Left unattended they can quickly grow out of hand and will inevitably take more time to trim properly down the road.

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iTrim4U provides Durham & Toronto Shrub Trimming Services

Have shrubs that need trimming? We’re here to help. At iTrim4U we provide high-quality, custom Durham and Toronto shrub trimming services. Trimming your shrubs to maintain a beautiful, healthy look is our job and you can rest assured that with our services all you’ll have to do is sit back and relax.

From start to completion, we leave your property immaculate – that means taking care of all post-trimming debris; the only thing you’ll need to deal with is fantastic looking shrubs.

Whether you need your shrubs trimmed on a regular basis or are looking for a simple one-off shrub trimming service we can accommodate your needs – contact us for a free trimming estimate and we will create a custom package suited to your specific needs.

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With hundreds of satisfied customers, iTrim4U is your Durham shrub trimming & Toronto shrub trimming specialist, call us at 905-259-5138 for more information.

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