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Going away on vacation? Taking a business trip? Need some down time? We’ve got your snow removal covered! iTrim4U provides short-term snow removal contracts to keep your property free from snow while you’re unavailable to take care of it yourself.

If you’ve ever tried to find a snow removal company to take care of your property while you’re away, you’ll quickly encounter the problem that many snow removal companies only offer long-term or seasonal contracts. This leaves many people scrambling to find a way to make sure their home is plowed  while they’re gone. While some might be able to convince their friends or neighbours to handle it for them, many people simple have to wish for the best, and endure the stress of worrying whether or not their home is safe from ice & snow.

Short-Term Contract Snow Removal Service

Stress no more! We are here to help make sure your home is cared for while you’re away. Our short-term snow removal contract will provide you with snow removal coverage while your unavailable to take care of it yourself.

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Our team is professional and courteous, ensuring your property and possessions are well taken care of. Customer service is our top-priority, regardless of the exact nature of the service we provide you can take a look online and see our many 5-star reviews. Rest assured you and your property are in good hands when you use our short term snow removal service.

After completion of a snowfall, our team will be dispatched to clear your property as soon as possible, ensuring that your driveway and walkways are clear of snow. A critical step to preventing any potential accidents, and creating the illusion of someone being at home while you are away.

Call us today for a free estimate. When you hire iTrim4U for your Durham snow removal service you can rest assured you are in good hands!

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Why Hire A Contractor For Short Term Snow Removal Service?

It is a common occurrence that home owners leave their homes on a vacation during the winter. While some people may have snow removal services that cover them for the entire season, as is typical of this service, many do not. After looking for someone to take care of their snow removal, those homeowners often come to a shocking realisation that they are out of luck. It is quite difficult to find a professional service provider that can take care of their home while they are gone.

While some people may simply throw-up their hands and hope for the best, deciding not to hire a snow removal company at all, this is a good idea. There are some very good reasons why you should in fact get someone to plow your snow while you’re away. Here’s three reasons why you should hire a snow removal company in Durham to handle your snow while you’re away:

Keep Your Home Looking Lived-In

Everyone knows winter can be brutal in Durham, snowfall accumulates over time and ever 2 or 3 snowfalls left unplowed can quickly become a disaster. Having your home covered in snow while you’re out of town enjoying a sunny vacation or tending to business can be a bad move. It’s a clear indication that no one is at home or around, and it is very easy to tell how long your home has been left in this manner if someone takes a quick second to see how deep and layered the snow is.

Keeping your home looking lived in is the best way to keep your home looking lived in and prevent any thieves from taking advantage of the opportunity to break and enter and likely steal your possessions. Also, your neighbours will thank you for keeping your home looking great!

Prevent Injury to Passersby

Only the most evil of folk would wish harm on people passing by their home. Hoping for the best is simply not going to cut if you’re out of town and the snow starts falling. People can, and do, slip and fall quite regularly injury themselves. And when a person gets injured from a slip and fall due to snow it is usually the most vulnerable; physically challenged, elderly, and disabled folks.

When left unplowed, in the best of cases, the snow is simply trampled into the pavement and eventually forms a thick layer of ice ensuring your home is even more dangerous than it was with a bit of snow on it. Keeping your home clear of snow prevents these issues and ensures that people walking by are not unduely injured.

Prevent Fines

It is your responsibility to clear you walkway of snow. In many areas, it is the law. It is easy to see why, pedestrians need to be able to walk past your home. If you are lazy and don’t take care of your responsibility you’ll get a fine. No one wants to come home to a fine, so hiring someone to take care of this for you is the best idea.

For short term snow removal service in Durham you can trust iTrim4U – our 5-star service is sure to impress.

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