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“I had such a pleasant experience working with Chris and the itrim4u team. Not only were they extremely professional and did a phenomenal job on removing several bushes, small trees and trimming some extremely large trees, but they are genuinely very nice people. You can tell they are really passionate about what they do.”
A Layla (Mississauga, ON)

Professional Mississauga Hedge Trimming Services Near You

At iTrim4U we provide Mississauga hedge trimming services to all residential & commercial customers. Hedge trimming is our specialty, with hundreds of satisfied customers.

5-Star Customer Service

Our team of experts provide 5-star Mississauga hedge trimming services. We provide service to all hedges regardless of their size, shape, or how difficult they are to access.

Our team uses only high quality hedge trimmers and employs appropriate safety measures. We leave behind only sharp edging and clean hedges. Our team also include trained arborists. We’re able to work around and with large trees.

WSIB covered, insured, and a proud local business – we care about the community and our workers.

Hedge Maintenance Program

We provide hedge maintenance services, so your hedges look great all year-round. Ask us about our hedge maintenance program.

Do You Need Professional Mississauga Hedge Trimming Service?

Hedges deliver a green inviting look, improving your landscape appearance. Not only do they look great, hedges provide a few key benefits to your property. Tall hedges can replace your fencing and protect your garden from extreme weather.

Keeping Up Your Curb Appeal

Aside from ruining the appearance of your whole property, untrimmed hedges are ugly. They ruin the look of your front yard and landscaping in general. Keeping your hedge healthy means trimming them often.

Do What You Want With Your Time

Let’s face it, keeping your property looking great takes time. Hedge trimming and gardening are time consuming tasks. It’s easy to find overgrown hedges, they’re common place because many people put off doing the work.

Hiring our professional services to handle the work allows you to do what you want with your time. You’re property will look great when we’re finished.

What Does Hedge Trimming Cost?

It’s a common question, people wonder how much hedge trimming costs. Generally, the starting rate is $400(+HST) but the cost actually depends on the size and shape of your hedge. If you send us a picture of your hedge we will be able to give you a quote within 24 hours.

What’s The Best Time For Hedge Trimming?

Most hedges are best trimmed in the late winter or early spring. During this time of the year the plant is dormant. We trim the hedge and when it’s time to grow, it grows how we intent. This allows for the best use of the plants budding period. While this is the best time, we can still trim a hedge anytime of the year.

Can You Fix My Overgrown Hedge?

It may be difficult, or impossible, to trim an overgrown hedge back to it’s original shape. But, yes it may be possible to restore your hedge to it’s former glory. We would have to see it to determine the best course of action.

Well-kept hedges are our specialty. To learn more about iTrim4U’s 5-star service, contact us at 905-259-5138.