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“I am so impressed with this service. The crew did an excellent job — my formerly ratty old hedge looks beautiful. They left everything neat and tidy. And they were extremely polite and obliging. I would definitely recommend this service.”

A Donnellan

Gardening season is here and that means it’s time to start weeding, trimming, and doing all those other tasks that are necessary to keep a garden looking great.

Unless you would rather spend your free time just enjoying the garden instead of working on it. If you would rather relax in your garden then spend hours every week working on it we can help. iTrim4U has a full staff of professional gardeners, including garden designers, that will make your garden the place where you want to be all spring and summer long.

If you have a hard time maintaining your garden because you don’t have the time to spend doing garden chores or because it’s difficult for to you do things like:

  • Professional weeding
  • Garden clean-up, digging, or renovation
  • Splitting and/or relocating perennials
  • Garden design and planting
  • Cultivating of flowerbeds
  • Edging of flowerbeds
  • Ensure the overall appearance of your gardens
  • Pruning hedges and shrubs

Experienced Landscapers

Our experienced staff members will be happy to take over those chores for you. You can sit back and enjoy some iced tea or coffee and relax in your garden. We’ll handle the upkeep and make sure your garden is thriving.

Garden Renovation

If you ended up abandoning your garden because you didn’t have the time or the experience to keep it weeded and trimmed or you didn’t know what plants to plant in the garden our expert staff can tame your overgrown garden and put it back in order. Our team members can take that jungle that you have growing now and make it look beautiful again. Then our team members will work hard to keep it looking great by making sure that it is regularly weeded, trimmed, and pruned in order to keep the plants and flowers healthy and looking the way they should look.

4 Reasons To Start A Kitchen Garden This Year

If you’re a fan of Pinterest or other social media then you know that growing your own vegetables and herbs is super trendy this year. If you want to jump on this trend and get your own kitchen garden growing but you have never gardened before and don’t know where to start call us. Our experienced garden designers will work with you to create a fabulous kitchen garden. Here are just a few of the reasons why a kitchen garden just makes sense:

Healthy Fresh Produce Just Steps Away

If you enjoy going to the Farmer’s Market to get fresh produce you know that if you don’t get there right when the vendors open you won’t get the best produce because the best vegetables usually sell fast. If you don’t get up at the crack of dawn and race down there on a Saturday morning you will only get old leftover vegetables. And you’ll pay a lot for them. Imagine how fantastic it would be to not have to get up early on the weekends and race to the market to get high quality vegetables. With a kitchen garden you have the freshest high quality vegetables just steps from your door.

Save Money

Fresh produce is essential for good health. But buying high quality fresh vegetables can get expensive very quickly. Growing your own vegetables in a lovely kitchen garden is a smart way to save money and get the freshest vegetables you can find to feed yourself and your family. Great quality food grown right in your own kitchen garden. It doesn’t get better than that. And once you taste a truly fresh vegetable plucked right from your own garden you won’t want to eat another store bought vegetable ever again.

Fantastic Gifts

All that extra produce makes great gifts for friends, family members and neighbors. If you have family members that can’t afford to eat a lot of fresh vegetables giving them some of the plentiful vegetables from your kitchen garden is a really nice gesture. Your neighbors will also love baskets of fresh vegetables left on their doorsteps. And you can also can those vegetables and create your own sauces, chutneys and other homemade food items that can be given as very special gifts during the holidays.

Cook Better With Fresh Herbs

If you love to cook then you know that fresh herbs are the secret to making a really wonderful meals. But herbs from the grocery store are never truly fresh, and they can be very expensive. With an herb garden you can have a huge variety of herbs available any time you want to cook a fresh and delicious meal. Your family will love your homemade meals dressed up with fresh herbs from your own garden.

If you are excited about starting a kitchen or herb garden but don’t know where to start call us today to chat with a gardening expert about creating your own kitchen garden.