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A Donnellan

Behold the majestic beauty of a fine hedge! For many, the hedges on their Pickering property are truly valuable, but not many might be truly aware exactly how a hedge also provides shelter and protection from many hazards presented by the natural elements. Suffice it to say that your property is well served by those hedges. But, what happens when they become overgrown and unsightly? It’s time for a hedge trimming!

Maintain Your Hedges to Keep Them Looking Great

Regularly trimming your hedges is not simply a chore to make them look great, it also is very important to maintain the look and overall health of the hedge. If you let your trimming schedule fall off track you can easily end up with hedges that bear no resemblance to their former selves. If this is the case you’ll need to completely replace your hedge!

Busy, busy, busy? Let us Handle It!

Many people are busy in today’s world, it seems like every year that passes just brings about more and more activities to take our time away from the simple things in life – like trimming your own hedges. For a lot of people, when they do have time to trim their own hedge they’d rather be relaxing or spending their time with their family.

Helpful Services

We are trim hedges professionally, providing one-off solutions or scheduled appointments to keep your hedges look their best all year round. This lets you do what you want with your time and you still get to have fantastic looking hedges.

Did you know trimming your hedges is not just to keep them looking good?

Hedges left to grow wild will eventually end up resembling nothing of their former selves. The only thing to do in this situation is simply rip the hedge out, perform some stump removal services, and replant a new one. Saving an overgrown hedge is simply not feasible as the growth will become too great and eventually the hedge will resemble some kind of mangled tree.

To avoid these problems you’ll want to call on the services of your local hedge trimmer on a semi-regular basis.

Pickering Shrub Trimming

In addition to our services as hedge trimmers (cedar hedges included) we provide shrub trimming in Pickering as well. It’s important to restrict the growth of shrubs, much like hedges, if they are left to their own devices they will quickly become ugly mangled, unsightly shrubs. We can easily keep your shrubs trimmed to the perfect shape and look for you. We provide one time shrub trimming appointments or a scheduled trimming arrangement.

For your Pickering hedge trimming inquiries please feel free to contact us 905-259-5138, or use our estimate request form to submit some pictures and expedite your estimate process.

You can rely on the dependable, professional shrub trimming in Pickering services provided by iTrim4U.