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“I am so impressed with this service. The crew did an excellent job — my formerly ratty old hedge looks beautiful. They left everything neat and tidy. And they were extremely polite and obliging. I would definitely recommend this service.”

A Donnellan

If you need some help getting your lawn and garden looking great professional landscaping services are the best way to get that lawn under control.

Professional landscapers like the pros at iTrim4U have the experience and the skills to take any lawn and turn it into a lush green extension of your home that will make your home look great. Keeping your lawn looking great can take a lot of your free time. If you want a beautiful lawn without having to put in all the time and effort to keep it looking great professional landscape services can maintain the lawn and garden for you.

Some of the services that professional landscapers offer include:

  • Hedge & shrub trimming
  • Hedge & shrub removal
  • Tree service, trimming, and removal
  • Landscape staging
  • Yard cleanup
  • Planting
  • Mulching
  • Garden design
  • Gardening
  • Garden maintenance

Luxurious Landscape Design

We also have a great landscape design staff that can design gorgeous laws and gardens in any size space. So it doesn’t matter if your lawn is huge or very small. If you want to transform the green space that you have and turn it into an Instagram worthy lawn that you can be proud of call us today to get a free estimate for landscape design and maintenance services.

Our team can develop a landscape services package just for you based on your needs and the size of your lawn and other factors.

Our affordable lawn care service will make it possible for you to have the kind of lawn you have always wanted without having to give up all of your free time at night and on weekends to keep it looking great. You can spend your time enjoying your home and outdoor space instead of spending all your time maintaining it.

Why Homeowners Love Professional Pickering Landscaping Service

There are some home tasks that homeowners don’t mind doing a little DIY for. But lawncare isn’t one of them. Homeowners love professional landscaping services because of things like:

No Cleanup

The only thing worse than mowing a large yard is the clean up after. Having to clean up grass cuttings, weeds, overgrown branches from bushes and other yard waste is a big task that can easily take up an entire weekend day. But when you hire professional landscapers they will take care of all that yard debris for you so that you don’t need to waste your time cleaning it all up. Full service lawn and garden care is a huge help for homeowners and once homeowners try professional landscaping services they usually don’t go back to trying to do all their lawn care themselves.

Saving Money

Hiring a lawn care will actually save you money in the long run. There are a lot of expenses associated with lawn care that you can minimize by hiring a professional landscaping crew. The first and biggest expense is the cost of mowers, trimmers and other tools that are needed to do yardwork. Every different type of yard maintenance task needs a different kind of tool. You could end up with an entire garage full of expensive equipment if you are doing your own lawn care. Then there’s the cost of plants, grass seed, sod and other materials that you will need to keep your lawn full and lush. And even the cost of water adds up quickly if you don’t have an efficient irrigation system. Landscape pros can install a streamlined irrigation system to save you money and the cost of hiring a team of pros is much cheaper than the cost of buying all your own equipment and other items.

Saving Time

For most homeowners free time is a precious commodity that they don’t have enough of. Sacrificing your free time in order to spend it doing lawn work isn’t fun. Hiring professional landscapers gives you back that free time so that you can spend your time relaxing and spending time with your family and friends instead of spending every weekend out cutting, mowing, trimming and doing other yard work. Leave the yard work to the pros and keep your free time for yourself.

Safer Yard

It’s a common situation for homeowners to get busy and not mow or trim their lawn or garden for a week or more. During the spring and summer a lawn can quickly grow out of control if a week or more goes by without any trimming or mowing being done. And when the grass gets tall it can be the perfect place for insects and pests to hide out waiting to attack your pets and family. Ticks and other insects love to hide in the tall grass. Mice and other pests can take up residence in the tall grass as well. And mosquitos can breed in puddles and wet areas caused by poor irrigation. Professional landscaping keeps your yard safe for you and your family.