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“I am so impressed with this service. The crew did an excellent job — my formerly ratty old hedge looks beautiful. They left everything neat and tidy. And they were extremely polite and obliging. I would definitely recommend this service.”

A Donnellan

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of an impressive set of hedges on a property in Richmond Hill. They look great and they provide your property with protection from the harsh elements. We maintain

Richmond Hill Hedge Trimming Pros, Here to Help

Everyone loves a beautiful looking hedge but maintaining them can fall to the bottom on the to-do list. Often trimming hedges is not the most enjoyable activity for people in their spare time.

Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry, we can help!

We trim hedges in Richmond Hill, providing hedge trimming maintenance programs. Or, if you need someone to take care of your hedges because you don’t have the time, call us. We’re here to help!

We’re here to help

If you’ve planned on trimming your hedges for months on end and just haven’t gotten around to it, we’re here for you!

iTrim4u is a customer focused Richmond Hill hedge trimming service provider. Our services are incredibly affordable and flexible. If you’re looking for a single one-time hedge trimming or a regularly scheduled hedge maintenance program, we’re here to provide you with a fantastic service that will please you for years to come.

Keep Your Hedges Looking Their Finest

Trimming your hedges is not only important to keep your property looking the best, it’s also incredibly important to make sure that your hedge stays healthy and doesn’t become overgrown. If we come in a find that your hedge has not been maintained for many years there is not much that we can do to repair them.

Often overgrown hedges must be removed and replaced to maintain their original look. This is not as simple as pulling the hedge up. The stump must also be ground down using heavy-duty machinery. Obviously, avoiding this sort of thing is preferable and all you need to do is make sure that your hedges are trimmed regularly.

That’s where we come in.

So if you’re concerned about your hedge and are on the brink of letting it overgrow, we urge you to call us as soon as possible so that we can keep your property and your hedges looking their very best.

Professional Richmond Hill Shrub Trimming

In addition to providing hedge cutting services we also provide Richmond Hill shrub trimming. If you have a shrub that needs to be trimmed up to look its best, you can trust iTrim4u for fast, affordable services.

Shrubs are much like hedges, if you let a shrub become overgrown there is not much that can be done to restore its original appearance. Eventually a shrub will end up looking like a tree, in this case, we’ll have to completely remove the shrub and replant if you’d like to restore the appearance you had beforehand.

If you require shrub trimming in Richmond Hill, look no farther than iTrim4u.