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Stump Removal & Grinding in Toronto, GTA, Durham, and nearby areas.

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“I am so impressed with this service. The crew did an excellent job — my formerly ratty old hedge looks beautiful. They left everything neat and tidy. And they were extremely polite and obliging. I would definitely recommend this service.”

A Donnellan

Left over tree stumps are often caused by trees that have either fallen over or have been cut-down, or perhaps you’ve had a tree removed but found out afterwards stump removal was not included in the quote and didn’t think it was necessary at the time.

Maybe you are just interested in revamping your landscaping and need to have some shrubs removed, hedges removed, and old tree stumps removed. There are many reasons why you may have an old stump that you need to have removed – at iTrim4U we can get rid of those old, annoying, troublesome stumps leaving your landscaping looking fantastic.

Some landscaping jobs are very DIY friendly, but when it comes to stump removal anyone who’s ever been interested in taking on the DIY challenge of removing a stump can attest to the difficulty of the process. Even seemingly small stumps can be deeply rooted in the ground requiring extensive labour to remove and often requires many, many hours of digging and utilization of a variety of dangerous tools including reciprocating saws, chainsaws, and pick-axes.

Put bluntly, DIY stump removal is not an afternoon task.

This is where we can help.

Durham & Toronto Stump Removal / Stump Grinding Services

Stump grinding is a fantastic stump removal solution that will completely remove traces of the stump well below the ground level.

Depending on the specific job we will use a machine that will grind away the stump bit by bit in manageable portions.

We will grind away the stump to below the ground level allowing the planting and re-landscaping on top of the old surface, the depth will depend on what you are interested in doing with the surface after the stump is removed.

Why is stump removal a good idea?

There is more to stump removal than aesthetics, an old abandoned stump can lead to problems down the road in the form of suckering – the process by which new shoots grow out of the old trunks and roots; this is common place when live trees are felled. But even old stumps can be problematic, become a host for a variety of diseases which can cause problems for your other plants or living trees.

iTrim4U is here for all of your Durham and Toronto stump removal and stump grinding needs, from tree stumps, to hedge stumps, to old shrub stumps – if you’ve got a stump you need removing give us a call at 905-259-5138 or contact us online.