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Holiday lighting services in Toronto, ON

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“I am so impressed with this service. The crew did an excellent job — my formerly ratty old hedge looks beautiful. They left everything neat and tidy. And they were extremely polite and obliging. I would definitely recommend this service.”

A Donnellan

Making your home look it’s best is simple with Toronto Christmas light installation services from iTrim4U.

Whether it’s landscape lighting, tree lighting, or roofline lighting we are here to make your home look beautiful this holiday season. Your family, friends, and neighbours will love the look of your home when we are through!

The skilled team from iTrim4U is ready to help you bring your vision to reality, or we can create a complete look for you.

All of the required lighting and accessories are at our disposal to ensure your property looks great; high-quality Christmas lights, timers, extension cords, and more.

Complete Christmas Lighting Solution

Our Toronto Christmas lighting service includes installation, purchasing all lighting and accessories, ensuring your lighting is fully functional throughout the season, and post season removal of the entire setup.

Full-Service Deals Available

For the best price with least hassle this holiday season you can depend on our 5-star all-inclusive program.

Lighting Design Experts

Some people have an idea of how they want their home to look, that’s great we will discuss the best way to achieve the look. In other cases, people want us to handle everything – we do that also!

End of Season Lighting Removal

After the holiday season is complete, we also provide removal and storage services for your entire lighting setup. Careful removal, sorting, and packaging enables us to re-use lighting for next season!

Professional Lighting Install

With high-quality lights and accessories, our team of experts installs every aspect of your light with careful attention to detail. Whether it’s interior or exterior holiday lighting we make it look perfect.

During Season Maintenance

We do our best to only use high quality products while setting up your lights. In the unlikely event a light fails, we provide fast effective services to fix your lighting setup and keep your home looking great.

5-Star All-Inclusive Program

Our 5-star all-inclusive program is a great solution for those looking to have their entire holiday lighting solution handled for them. We take care of Toronto home from start to finish; lighting design, purchase of all lights and required accessories, installation, providing on-going maintenance, and end of season removal.

Let us take care of the entire process:

  • Christmas light design consultation with our team of experts

  • Purchasing all required lighting and light accessories for your home (while you retain ownership)

  • Priority scheduling for installation and end of season light removal

  • Installation of all lights, inside of your home and outside

  • When required perform maintenance to ensure your home looks fabulous

  • End of season lighting removal, packing, and storage for next season

If you have any problems with your Christmas light setup you simply contact us and we will fix the problem. For more information on our 5-star all-inclusive Toronto holiday lighting services please contact us today.


Obvious Reasons You Need Expert Toronto Christmas Light Installation

There are home owners that may feel they can get by without the servces of a professional, and in some cases that is the case! People have been doing it for years. But the truth is that in our modern days we have a lot less free time. Not only do we have less free time, but there are also so many amazing new ways to decorate your home with the invention of LED lighting. Here are some of the obvious reasons Toronto home owners are hiring experts for their Christmas or holiday lighting installation:

Holiday Lighting Design

Not everyone was born with an innate ability or knowledge on how to decorate their home. People often try to recall what they’ve seen in pictures and assume it will be an easy or simple process to make their home look just as good. The truth is that careful planning is required to ensure the correct lengths of lighting and accessories are purchased and installed correctly. Hiring a professional team eliminates the timely research or guesswork that often goes hand-in-hand with designing beautiful holiday lighting.

Save Your Time

Our modern times are busy. For many people work is quite literally in their pocket with them 24/7. Taking time to design, purchase, and install holiday lights is just more of a workload to add to their day. Time that could be spent with family, doing hobbies, reading a book, working out, or catching up on work. Hiring a professional holiday light installation service gives you back your time.

Stay Safe

Installing Christmas lighting on the exterior of homes often requires the use of ladders. Now most people who have a home, and arent’ versed in any sort of trade, have little to no expereince properly operating a ladder. Inexperience with extension ladders can be a recipe for disaster, but add into the equation significant risk factors such as wearing bulky clothing, slipper boots, cold weather, and working with tangled lengths of extension cables and lights the outcome is quite often a painful one.

Relax and Let Us Do It

Hire a professional to take care of your Toronto holiday lighting installation and we’ll make sure your home looks great. You can spend your time doing what you like, and you can stay safe!