Tree Insurance Claims in Toronto & Durham

tree that's fallen on a home requiring insurance claim regarding tree damageEvery year southern Ontario experiences a vast array of extreme weather including heavy summer storms and blustering winter blizzards. These weather systems often come on unexpectedly and, when they’re at their worst, cause untold amount of damages. Often times even the most prepared homeowners find themselves faced with thousands of dollars in damages related to fallen trees.

Damages from fallen trees due to storms can include branches falling on cars, trees crushing homes and property, and in the most unfortunate of circumstances trees even causing bodily harm and injury.

When these problems occur not only is it important to contact your insurance company to make claims on these damages, but it’s also important to ensure that you have a competent arborist provide you with appropriate tree services.

We have arborists serving the Toronto and Durham region including Ajax, Oshawa, and Whitby.

Tree Insurances Helps You Avoid Losses

tree that's fallen on car resulting in auto insurance claim related to tree damageIf you’ve been a victim of damages due to fallen trees or branches it’s important to avoid taking on these losses personally, if you have appropriate insurance making a claim is almost always in your best interest. We help you to get this done quickly and effectively, not only do we handle the claims process with the insurance company but we get you the help necessary to clean up the damage.

We understand that tree related damages caused by storms can amount to tens of thousands of dollars and in some circumstances be incredibly traumatizing. Taking care of these problems promptly is important to not only reduce your losses, but also move on with your life and begin the healing process.

How Do We Help You with Your Tree Damage Related Insurance Claim?

iTrim4U has experience working with customers who are making insurance claims due to tree related damages. We will work directly with the insurance companies and dispatch a professional arborist to deal with the insurance claim on our behalf.

We have established a network of arborists Toronto and Durham will not regret hiring. Providing all of our customers with exceptional tree service all year round, whether they are in need of removing a tree, maintaining a tree, or having services performed as part of their insurance claim process.

These arborists provide a range of services relating to tree insurance claims:

  • Tree removal service
  • Tree trimming & cutting down trees
  • Stump grinder & removal
  • Storm damage

iTrim4U can help you deal with the insurance companies and provide you with a professional, competent arborist to handle your needs personally. For all of your tree insurance needs, contact us today at 905-259-5138 and we can discuss your specific circumstances and help you through the process of recouping your losses.