What is The Best Season to Trim Your Hedges?

homeowner holding hedge trimming shears and clipping the edge of a tall hedgeTrimming our hedges is something that’s very important for both the look and health of your landscape. Not only is having your hedging trimmed important to ensure that they maintain an elegant appearance but it is imperative if you’re interested in maintaining the full value of your home or property. This is why knowing exactly what time of year to trim your hedges is very important. If you have any specific questions about exactly what time is best to trim your particular species of hedge please feel free to call on our hedge trimming service at 905-259–5138. If you’d like to learn more, please read on.

There are many misconceptions about the most appropriate season to trim your hedge. Some people will claim that springtime is the most ideal time of the year, while others will say that fall or autumn is the best to have your hedges trimmed. The truth is much more varied than many would have you think, largely based upon what sort of hedges you have on your property.

Deciduous Hedges

First, let’s discuss deciduous hedges. If you happen to have a brand new hedge the best time to trim it is during the colder winter season. They should also happen to coincide with a time of year that it is first planted. This type of trimming is referred to as formative pruning, and should be repeated for the first two years after the hedge has been planted. This is when the hedge is cut to a specific shape. Maintenance trimming is then performed annually typically during the warmer season. If the hedges allowed to grow without being pruned it can ruin the efforts of the formative pruning stage, and it may be impossible to return it to its previous appearance.

Evergreen Hedges

Evergreen hedges are a different story altogether. The format of pruning stage sickly occurs during spring, which also have is to coincide with when this type of hedging should be planted. Much like deciduous hedges they should be trimmed during this time of year for the following two years. Maintenance pruning similar to deciduous hedges can occur during the summer months. Evergreen hedges can also become overgrown if regular trimming is not performed.

Always ensure that hedges are trimmed using the right type of equipment, and be sure to check out our hedge trimming tips for more info. Specific species of hedges require special attention so if you are unsure as to your species and how to care for it properly be sure to look for professional hedge trimming service.