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Itrim4U has been developing some key relationships with tree service contractors. This is to allow us to provide their services to our customers. Like us, these contractors are dedicated professionals, who are affordable and reliable. If you are looking for tree services, we have you covered. We have taken the initiative and screened out dozens of tree companies before selecting a few that met our very strict testing standards.

What this means for you is that when you employ the services of an iTrim4U arborist, you know you’re hiring the best in the area. They provide all manner of tree services; commercial and residential as well as handling insurance claims.

Professional, Certified Contractors

All of the tree contractors that we recommend meet the highest standards in professionalism, work ethics, and customer service.

  • They are covered by full liability insurance

  • They are professional and friendly, and can answer your questions

  • They provide you with an upfront estimate

  • Their rates are affordable

Why have we selected these arborists?

As Whitby landscapers, we have had lots of customers come to us seeking tree-related services over the years. This is why we decided to discover the best Oshawa arborists to work with our customers on our behalf. We felt that it was our obligation, as part of our commitment to great service, to supply our customers with the best contractors we could find.

Whether it’s regular tree-maintenance such as pruning, or if you are looking for tree removal services, we have contractors who can handle the job.

You always want to hire a professional as tree service jobs are usually very dangerous jobs. Hiring a professional arborist means that you and your property are kept safe.

Do we handle insurance-related tree issues?

Yes! We have contractors who can deal directly with the insurance companies and make sure that the job gets done properly. Contact us for details on how we can help you with your Oshawa tree insurance claim .

Why has iTrim4u developed relationships with arborists?

Over the years, many customers have asked for help regarding tree related issues, which is why we have added tree contracting services. In many cases, trees must be pruned and maintained by professionals dedicated to this task, as this can easily become a dangerous and costly job.

Since we feel it is our duty to provide our customers with exceptional services, we set out to discover the best of the best when it comes to professional arborists in Toronto and in the nearby Durham region.

Do you handle insurance issues related to tree damage?

It is an unfortunate circumstance that trees can often cause a great deal of damage, as a result of high wind speed simply blowing trees over. The resulting damage can crush cars, damage homes, and destroy businesses.

Whether it’s an office, home, golf course, or cemetery we deal directly with insurance companies and send out our tree contractors to deal with the insurance claims on our behalf.

Full Oshawa Tree Services

From keeping your property looking great, to removing that stubborn tree, contact us for your tree service needs at 905-259-5138

Tree & Stump Removal

Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to completely remove a tree that has either grown into an unsatisfactory location, has become diseased, is in poor health, has become a hazard, or has been toppled due to extreme weather conditions. There are situations where trees have already fallen and are resting on property, it is important that these trees be removed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Oshawa stump & tree removal should always be conducted by certified, insured, and professional tree companies; cutting down trees is no small task.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Trees require regular maintenance if they are to grow healthily and in a productive manner, failure to perform regular upkeep can result in wildly overgrown trees that pose a hazard to property in a variety of manners. For instance, in the situation where a tree has grown untamed and is nearly hitting powerlines, this tree can be a serious hazard if it becomes diseased and/or blown over during a storm.

General Tree Care

Who knows better than a professional tree service provider about how to care for your trees. There are quite a number of species of trees that exist all across the southern Ontario region, knowing exactly how to care for each individual species is an important part of a certified arborists job. The professionals we have networked with provide tree services Oshawa residents can depend upon because they are highly knowledgeable about caring for trees.

Tree care is very important to keep your property looking great. Remember, a neglected tree is a sad tree.

Finding Oshawa tree companies will be necessary whenever you wish to prune your tree, remove a tree, or have any other general tree service needs.

There are many ways to go about finding an Oshawa tree company, but here is what you need to do to find the best.

First, dig up at least five separate arborists. You’ll need to find some time to personally meet them at your home to go over the work that you need done. Make sure you’ve prepared a long list of questions to ask them, this will make sure that they’re professionally trained. Don’t forget to research the most appropriate answers to these questions all by yourself first.

You should by now have at least five estimates (get them in writing), you’ll need to throw two of these in the garbage. This is advice recommended by many experts on how to find the best contractor; perhaps their website is out of date, or their truck looks a bit rundown. The reality is that busy, professional tree businesses may not always have a lot of free time to spend sitting around playing with their website or have the aesthetics of their truck buffed up. Regardless, cut two contractors and move onto step three.

Third, of the remaining contractors you will need to scrutinize them closely. Contract their references (make sure you have a few questions to ask them before calling), investigate each contractors insurance and licensing (contact insurance companies, and municipalities), and finally visit a few of their past job sites to make sure that the work looks good.

That’s it! If you’ve managed to make it through this list, you will have spent perhaps 30 to 40 hours of your own personal time.

Don’t worry there is an easier way! iTrim4U has found highly skilled, professional tree service companies for you.

There are a wide number of reasons that you might find yourself searching for tree services, perhaps you have an overgrown tree, or a tree that’s grown dangerously close to power lines.

Whatever the case may be, hiring a professional tree service contractor to care for your trees is always the right choice to make. This is not without reason, every year countless accidents occur as a result of unskilled labourers and homeowners attempting to service their own trees. But finding the right contractor that is not only insured, certified, but a friendly and professional may not be a simple or easy task.

We’ve built specific relationships with certified, trained arborists that perform tree services in Oshawa.

Whether you are looking for a contractor to trim, prune or cut your trees, or are in need of tree removal services you can trust the services of an iTrim4U contractor to ensure the job is done right. When you contact us for a tree company you receive a high-quality contractor that understands the ins-and-outs of performing these services, completing them safely with the utmost of care.

Find The Best Tree Companies Oshawa Has To Offer

Lucky for you, we’ve done all the legwork already to find an insured, professional Oshawa arborist. After screening countless contractors, we’ve come up with the cream of the crop. The companies that we’ve established relationships with provide full Oshawa tree services including tree removal, tree pruning, tree cutting, and stump removal.

Tree Care Experts

Why bother hiring a professional tree company? Why can’t you do it yourself? Alternatively, hire the local handyman to do it for you? The reasons are obvious.

Tree service companies are experts in the area of tree care. There are many specialised skills involved in correctly and safely providing care for trees including properly climbing a tree (using all associated rigging equipment) as well as performing services that are safe and cause a minimum of disruption. Further, a truly professional arborist is a wealth of knowledge on tree species and will be able to make recommendations on how to best and optimally care for you trees. Does this sound like the sort of thing your local handyman can handle? Not very likely.


Tree Removal in Oshawa

 Old trees, dead trees, badly placed trees. There may come a time when you need to remove a tree from where it is. Dead trees are prone to falling over and landing on things, damaging them. They can also be considered fire hazards when they are dried up. Sometimes they are just in unfortunate positions and must be removed.

It is essential to hire a professional arborist to remove the tree. Felling a tree improperly can lead to great damage or injury. It must be handled carefully, and there are also insurance issues to consider.

There are many of conditions that may require a tree to be removed:

  • rees damaged due to storms

  • The tree has become diseased and is a hazard

  • The tree has grown out of control and into inconvenient locations

  • It has become a hazard to property and people

Tree Stump Removal

Once a tree has been chopped down, or fallen over, there is always a stump left in the ground. The problem is that these can cause serious issues with pests, and present difficult obstacles when landscaping. It’s recommended to remove tree stumps as soon as possible. Stumps usually create yearly off-shoots which can lead to on-going landscape maintenance.

Removing stumps is hard, dangerous work. It requires heavy-duty machines which are not cheap to buy or rent. These machines must be run by trained professionals as serious injury can occur, this is why hiring an Oshawa arborist is important.

Emergency Removal of Trees & Tree Limbs

Cleaning and removing fallen trees and tree limbs as soon as possible from property is incredibly important. Once a tree has fallen onto your home, the longer you wait around to get it removed the greater the chances that the tree will cause more damage. The fact is that tree limbs and trunks are incredibly heavy and place a huge amount of stress on whatever they are resting on. While initial impact damage may be severe, the added structural stress can cause a great deal more damage if they are not removed as soon as possible. It is important that the removal be conducted by a professional to ensure that no further damage is caused.

Removing a Tree Is a Job for a Professional

Many people cause either damage, or further damage, to their property due to amateur tree removal. This is a task that requires extensive training and equipment to do properly. Removing a tree requires specialized equipment such as rigging rope and hardware, in addition to task specific chainsaws. This is not a job for the weekend warrior or DIY enthusiast; it requires a trained professional with experience and knowledge.

Save yourself the agony, costs, and potential hazard of DIY tree removal by leaving the work to Oshawa arborists that have the experience and training to do the job right.

Full Cleanup & Removal Services

An approved arborist will do their utmost to ensure that your property looks great upon completion of their services; tree limbs, bark, and leaves can make quite a mess. All debris directly related to their removal services will be taken care; either bagged and left for the municipal debris collection services, or disposed of as is appropriate depending on the specific job circumstances. Our arborists do their best to ensure your satisfaction.


Oshawa Tree Trimming

 Tree trimming is a very important task, as it not only allows your trees to withstand the force of very strong wind, but it also keeps them looking fantastic.

We’ve all seen trees swaying in the wind, one of the big reasons this happens is all the excess foliage, leaves and branches that create a large surface area for the wind to blow into. Chances are you’ve also seen trees that have been toppled by strong winds, this is what happens when trees have not been properly trimmed and taken care of.

Take Care Of Your Tree Via Pruning & Trimming

Not only is it important to remove excessive leaves and branching, it’s also important that old or dead branches be removed as well. This makes your trees look their best while also aiding in eliminating any potential source of disease.

In short, when you have your tree trimmed or pruned it keeps your tree safe, looking it’s best, and in top health.

Why Choose iTrim4u? Dependable, Trustworthy Workmanship

We treat every property with the highest level of care and consideration, not only will your trees look fantastic but we make sure to clean up after ourselves with a high level of precision. Whether we’re providing tree pruning or tree trimming, we leave your place looking great.

Providing our own bags, stringing up branches, and dropping all debris at your curb for the municipal collection is standard-fare when you hire us for your project.

“Does it matter what time of year you have your tree pruned or trimmed?”

This is a pretty common question, and the answer is a resounding yes. The winter, colder weather, is ideal to trim a tree. One reason is simple, come winter time most of the leaves have all come off of your tree. This makes the job of cleaning up somewhat simpler. It’s also a lot healthier for your tree, once the cold weather has set in your trees vasicular system will have slowed down. What does this mean? Less bleeding when we cut the tree, overall it will be a less traumatic experience allowing your tree to recover sooner. Another great reason to hire us for a winter tree trimming session is that most people put it off to spring! So we’re able to provide more affordable services during some of the winter season.

Reliable Oshawa Tree Pruning & Trimming

In order for a tree to look it’s best, it’s important that they are pruned regularly; this will also help to ensure they grow safely. When a tree has been left to grow on their own it’s likely it will become a liability and hazard to either your property or your neighbours, perhaps even power lines. Taking care of your tree through regular pruning will ensure that they do not become unsightly and hazardous. Tree companies approved by iTrim4U are versed in providing Oshawa tree pruning services to a wide variety of species and will make sure that your trees look fabulous throughout the seasons.

Changing your property via landscaping is a simple way you can rediscover a new look for your home, often there are trees that need to be removed during this process. We can help you remove trees of all sizes, for whatever reason. Simply contact us for a free no-obligation quotation. We take pride in providing the best service in the southern Ontario region, with hundreds of happy customers, you won’t be disappointed calling us for your Whitby tree pruning needs.

Tree Pruning

Again, dead or dry trees can present fire hazards. Dead limbs can fall on cars or other property and damage them. Strategic cutting is also an essential job that should be regularly conducted on all trees for many reason, such as:

  • To keep a tree looking fabulous

  • To Promote long-term and healthy limb growth

  • Eliminate hazardous tree growth

  • Reduce the risk of potential damage during thunderstorms cause by falling branches or toppling trees

Free, No-Obligation Consultation

iTrim4U provides affordable Durham and Toronto tree trimming and tree cutting services – for more information on trimming services please call us at 905-259-5138, or contact us 24-hours using our online form.